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About Us

Mead is the world's oldest fermented beverage, made by fermenting honey, yeast and water.

While keeping with tradition, and producing meads that stand the test of time, Royal Meadery  also pushes boundaries to modernize mead with flavors and combinations that bring popularity back to the oldest fermented beverage.

Royal Meadery was started by Gregory Wilhelm to further pursue his passion for beekeeping and brewing. Gregory has been keeping bees for over seven years in Upstate NY. Each year his beekeeping operation grows and is able to produce more honey. While we use more honey than we can currently produce, we look to grow our apiary each year to expand our own honey production.


Core Product Lines

Our two distinct product lines showcase the broad range of flavors mead has to offer.

Session Nectar- Lower alcohol, carbonated products.

Signature Series - Higher alcohol, still products.








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Phone: (855) 697-6323

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